May 26, 2009

My very first.

My very first post. What to write about? I haven't even decided yet, only that I will be going to post a lot of pictures of a lot of beautiful boys. The blog is, after all, about Belle's beautiful boys. And that's me, Belle I mean. I'm a girl from a not-so-big city in a not-so-big country and I have recently discovered that I share my taste in boys with a lot of gay guys out there. My boyfriend is a gay-magnet and the sexiest thing in the world are two boys kissing. Yes, I think I'm a bit strange that way. Interests that don't include gay guys are books (mostly fantasy), movies, tv-series and of course friends and family.

I have a tendency to fall in love with, or shall we say crush on actors or characters in books. Especially if I'm knee-deep into some tv-series marathon, like I'm right now with The 4400, just wait and see. My weirdest crush has to be Jacob from the Twilight books. I assure you, I'm not one of those Twilight fanatics or even that big of a fan of the books, but there's just something about Jacob. To this day, I'm still team Jacob, even though I know how it all turns out. My sister, who is one of those Twilight fanatics,but also a Robert Pattinson fanatic as well, can't shake her incredulous stare whenever I mention this to her. Don't ask me why I feel like this, I just think that I'm weirdly put together in all senses of the word.

So, this blog is going to be a follower to my obsessions I guess, as they progress from movie to movie, from tv-series to tv-series and from book to book. Oh, and I can't forget my ongoing obsession of my life, Shia LaBeouf. I have been a fan of his since I first saw Transformers. And, believe it or not, it wasn't his looks that first got me interested in him as it usually is. But more on that later. Now, enjoy my new blog and all my mindless ramblings about the little things in life.

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