August 18, 2009

Beautiful Alexander

I'm currently knee-deep in my True Blood obsession, both reading the books and watching the series. What irritates me, though, is that Eric Northman is so much cuter, funnier and all around less scary in the books than in the tv-show. And now I'm not talking about looks, because...duh! it's Alexander Skarsgård we're talking about, he's hot! When I'm reading the books, I'm soooo Team Eric, but when I'm watching the show I'm not so certain anymore. Or, maybe I am, after having watched these beautiful photos over and over and over. Swoon!

This beautiful 33 year old from Sweden can be seen a lot more in the second season of True Blood, lucky for us. He can also be seen in a number of movies and tv-shows, among them Generation Kill and Järnets Änglar.


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