December 28, 2009

Beautiful Logan

...and I'm back in the game. After a busy couple of weeks, christmas is over and a new year is looming in the horizon. I've been reading a lot these past weeks, and one of the series I've started is Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson novels. To my surprise, I discovered that they've made a movie based on the first book which premiers in early 2010. The character of Percy Jackson is played by the gorgeous Logan Lerman - who, by the way, I feel a bit uneasy posting about on my blog to be honest. Well, he looks so incredibly young in some photos, but let's face it: He's 17 years old and 8 years younger than me - I've just realized that I'm starting to get old. LOL! (<--- look, my very first lol. Aaaaw!)
Anywho, this beautiful 17 year old can already be seen in a number of movies, among them are The Patriot, Riding in Cars With Boys, Jack & Bobby, The Number 23, 3:10 To Yuma and Gamer.

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