October 08, 2009

List of the week ( #2 )

In honour of this week's debut, The List of the Week, I thought that we could have two lists this week, and start from scratch - with only one list per week - next week. And, also, I can't stop making lists because it's so much fun and I just needed an excuse for making another one. =)

Today's list is called Belle's Top Ten Amazing TV-Shows. I've only included those which are still running.

10. Glee. This is the only new show I've included in this list. It was between this and Cougar Town, and as Glee has a few more episodes (lets realize it, pilots tend to be awesome either way. TV-shows need a little bit time to ''settle in'') I chose this.

9. America's Next Top Model. I've followed this show since its beginning, and I've loved every minute of it.

8. Bleach. Ah, what to say other than: AWESOME!!! The fighting scenes are just beyond this world, and the story - when it's not full of fillers - is just amazing.

7. Entourage. I have a very American Pie-ish kind of humour, so I think that's why I love Entourage so much. It's guys being guys, simple as that. Well, not entirely. They're filthy rich and have a superstar best friend.

6. Greek. Sometimes I wish that I lived in the United States just so that I could go to college. It seems so fun. The parties. The guys. The girls. The drama.

5. Supernatural. I didn't have the guts to watch this right away, because I'm a huge scaredy-cat. But, with these two faces I couldn't resist for long, so I donned my pillow and turned all the lights on and got really into it. In fact, it's only the couple first seasons that are scary, the rest is just plain fun, action and comedy.

4. Skins. Every season. I think it says something about a TV-show when it manages to withhold its identity even though the entire cast is changed. The stories, the actors - they're all amazing. I'm desperately hoping for a fourth season. Pretty please?

3. Friday Night Lights. This is also a show that is constantly changing - on the actor side of things. And still they manage to make it amazing and true to itself.
What I also love about this show is the feeling of being there, in the middle of the story. It makes it so much more real I think.

2. Sons of Anarchy. As you all know, it's just recently I've become aware of this show. But it has, in a short while, become one of my favourite shows of all time. It's not really what I usually go for, but I've been dragged into it with the brilliant acting and the great story. When ever do you think that all police (exept for the corrupt ones) are douches? =)

1. How I Met Your Mother. One word: amazingness.
I'm actually laughing out loud whenever I watch this, even if it's my first time watching an episode or if I've watched it a million times before (''robot in love'' episode anyone?).

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